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In Massachusetts, people who need help with Family Law matters bring their concerns to the law office of Attorney Julia Wilkins Kay, Attorney. She’s an experienced family lawyer in Hampden and Berkshire Counties who has provided capable legal services to people struggling with simple and complex family and relationship issues.

Attorney Julia Wilkins Kay

Family photoSince she was first licensed to practice law in Massachusetts, in 1983, Attorney Kay has helped hundreds of families improve their lives and relationships through the legal system. She opened her practice in 1984 in Springfield, MA and has been practicing in Beckett since 2010. She has been in solo practice since 1991. With her long years of experience in the area of family law Attorney Kay has gained valuable insight into the vast number of issues families may encounter that disrupt harmony and threaten the family unit.

MA Family Law Legal Services

An experienced litigator, Attorney Kay also provides Mediation and is a trained collaborative lawyer to help clients resolve family matters in a friendly, but orderly setting. She understands the emotional toll family problems cause to all members of the group. She provides clients several options for problem solving, including:

  • Consultation – The starting point at which clients determine what course of legal action will provide the best outcome for their concerns. Clients at the law office of Julia Wilkins Kay, Attorney, are treated with respect, and they receive personalized advice to address their unique legal issues.
  • Mediation – a non-threatening method to find unique solutions that satisfy all members of the family unit. This is conducted in a neutral setting, in an atmosphere that encourages cooperation.
  • Collaborative Family Law – A structured solution that recognizes when there is tension between involved parties. In collaborative family law, each party is individually represented by a lawyer committed to finding a joint resolution. This is a workable plan to handle the sad business of separating the assets and liabilities of a long marriage when both parties are committed to avoiding a public trial and protecting their children from adult matters. Both spouses and their lawyers sign an agreement that their task is to negotiate a settlement. If they do not succeed, then neither lawyer will represent the client at trial.
  • Litigation Representation – When Court services are required, Attorney Kay is a strong legal advocate for her clients, working toward the best possible outcome for her clients and any minor children that may be part of that family unit.

Springfield and Pittsfield Probate and Family Courts

Attorney Julia Wilkins Kay has represented hundreds of clients in local, state courts during her 32 year law career. She’s an experienced family lawyer serving primarily in Hampden and Berkshire counties. She enjoys helping her clients. She is a warm and compassionate legal professional who works diligently on behalf of each client she serves.

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If you have concerns or issues to resolve that affect your relationship and family, bring those issues to someone who understands and has the specific knowledge needed to help resolve those problems. Get the answers you need at the law firm of Julia Wilkins Kay, Attorney, in Becket, MA. Call her now, at 413-623-2325.

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