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Family life is an adventure, with many twists and turns. In some cases, problems may occur that can cause friction and disrupt the peace for everyone. Finding acceptable solutions often requires advice, consultation and representation with an experienced Massachusetts family lawyer. People come to the law office of Julia Kay in Becket, Massachusetts to resolve a variety of Massachusetts Family Law matters.

Julia Wilkins Kay, Attorney

A family unit may need legal assistance to accomplish many goals, including resolution of family problems. In some cases, the issue at hand is a positive, such as when partners wish to adopt a step-child or create a pre-marital agreement. Strained situations may result in a divorce, separation or other legal action. With 33 years of experience, family law attorney Julia Kay in an excellent resource for advice, counsel, or representation in the probate and family courts of Hampden and Berkshire counties.

Massachusetts Family Law – Legal Services

Attorney Kay has represented clients in probate and family courts in Springfield and Pittsfield and in Mediation.

She provides a broad range of Massachusetts Family Law legal services, including the following:

  • Agreements/Modifications – Valid pre-marital, post-divorce and business agreements and modifications are useful documents for managing certain aspects of a relationship.
  • Mediation services – She works with all parties in a dispute to reach agreement and acceptable problem solutions in a neutral atmosphere, out of court.
  • Divorce/Separation – Sometimes, the best solution is to end a marriage or partnership. With all families, there are many areas of concern to address to create the best possible result, despite the emotion and stress of disputes. Collaborative family law may be a good choice for some families.
  • Collaborative family law – This is a solution when the situation is strained between two parties but there is a strong commitment to avoid a public trial. Families can protect privacy and achieve fairness for all parents and children.
  • Child Support – Financial security for minor children is always a top priority. She helps clients set and receive reasonable monetary support for their offspring under Massachusetts state guidelines.
  • Custody and parenting time – Most often separating parents need to assure their child/children that two parents continue to love them. Attorney Kay can help her clients work within Massachusetts law to keep the parent-child relationships reasonably consistent.
  • Visitation Rights – Parents and grandparents may need legal support to enforce rights and visitation time, especially in a contentious period.
  • Guardianship of a minor or child – In some difficult cases a family can be helped if grandparents step forward to be a child’s legal guardian and Attorney Kay can assist with this complicated issue.
  • Relocation – Removal of a minor child from their Massachusetts home state is a complicated issue. Whether a parent or legal guardian, taking a child to another state to live should be attempted with the help of a lawyer. Legal support can help make this a manageable problem.
  • Litigation – We provide diligent advocacy for clients when litigation is required to resolve family law issues.
  • Violence in the home – Protection of all family members is the goal when abuse is present in their relationships, or family members resort of violence.

The family unit is bedrock for our civilization. It requires thoughtfulness and care at every stage. Keep your relationship issues under control with help from an experienced Family Law Attorney. To discuss your concerns about your family issues, contact the law firm of Julia Wilkins Kay, Attorney, in Becket, MA. Call her now, at 413-623-2325.

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